Native Title

Mellor Olsson has considerable involvement in Native Title disputes and provides critical advice to parties involved, including the pastoral, fishing, and mining industries and special interest groups, including water licence holders.

We have been involved in numerous Native Title disputes and have successfully negotiated Indigenous Land Use Agreements as a means of resolving Native Title claims without the need for litigation.

Mellor Olsson is one of the State’s premier providers of advice and court representation in this area.

Head Office

5th Floor, 80 King William Street Adelaide, South Australia 5000
t: Australia (08) 8414 3400  International +61 8 8414 3400
t: Australia (08) 8414 3400
t: International +61 8 8414 3400
f: Australia (08) 8414 3444  International +61 8 8414 3444
f: Australia (08) 8414 3444
f: International +61 8 8414 3444

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